Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Being a Frustrated Photographer

Okay, I have to admit. Even though I have attended quite a number of workshops, am a member of our school's club for photography enthusiast, and has covered several events and photoshoots, that doesn't mean I'm on the professional level of being a photographer. Of course, not! I confess, one of the reasons why I got into photography is to get my hands on that fad DSLR. But after all those yak, gab, and jaw about photography, I realized there's more to it than that object craze.

It is not about a picture made using a camera, but rather something beyond that. In my understanding, it is about sharing one's life. It is about rendering imagination based on our tales. And in the way things stand, I have reached the point where I see my photographs as mere evidence and representations of my life's speculations. And for any photograph out there, and I mean any even the slightest bit of damage picture, could mean something.

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