Saturday, July 23, 2011

Before Anything Else

Dear Reader,

You might be wondering why I named my blog "", well, there's a history to it.

I started my first blog about my travels late last year. Although I am not a seasoned traveller, I have been to quite a number of places already. Each of my trips were filled to the brim with quite interesting stories to tell. Surely, I had stuff to blog about but eventually, it became idle for a long period of time. I ran out of yarns and spiels and at some point, I ceased to continue blogging.

Soon after putting an end to blogging, my life began its new chapter. I graduated from college and then summer came. It was the time of the year where everyone would just bum around for two months. In my case, I was bumming for more than two teeny months. Yes, I have been applying for jobs but there ain't the right one for me.. yet! Over the long haul, I got tired enjoying myself (it's not what you think and I don't have to elaborate). It was only a matter of time when I thought of blogging once more.

I had nothing to blog about my travels therefore I decided to start afresh and came up with a new blog. I want to share some of my life's exciting and boring moments,  and random bits and pieces that I find interesting. I just want to blog about anything, and I mean anything, under the sun.

Hence, my new blog "".

I hope this is not too much for an introduction and I very much hope to find you visit my blog again.

xoxo, j

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  1. Beautiful: photos, blog!