Sunday, July 24, 2011

Badaling Great Wall Experience: One Check Off My Bucket List

Dear Reader,

I know we all keep a list of things to do before we die. These things are our goals and ambitions that drive us to achieve that certain thing we want in life. These things may be anything from an object, a dream, a wish, a hope, an aim, or to any thingamajig. Some of us accomplished or attained a few already and some hasn't even started yet. But I have to ask, have you ever had that one check, even just one, off your bucket list?

I know I have, and just recently I might add.

It was last summer when my family and I went to China for quite a long vacation. We visited great cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. We toured the vast Tianenmen Square and Forbidden City in Beijing and explore the concrete jungle in Shanghai. And one of the major, major highlights of our trip was The Badaling Great Wall.

Going back, The Great Wall of China has never been off my bucket list ever since my youth or childhood. I have always dreamt of laying my eyes on such man-made wonder. I knew that I had to go see this marvel. As a graduation gift, I was given the liberty to choose where our next trip would be. Without a doubt, I had to pick China. Hence, when I found out that the trip would push through, I was ecstatic.

Here are some photos with captions that would put my experience in a nutshell.

Instead of hiking from the lower point, we took the cable car to and from the higher point of The Great Wall to save time and energy.

Tourists of different race and nationalities flock The Great Wall! We didn't expect too much sightseers. The crowd was overwhelming. We were literally rubbing elbows with them. Nevertheless, we do not want to blow a hole in such a happy moment. Plus, we didn't really have much of a choice.

A scenic view of The Great Wall taken from the highest point of the Badaling section. It was really amazing.

So this is me, having my photo-op against the wall.

And my dearest family.

I purchased this customized keychain saying "I have climbed The Great Wall" worth 15 Yuan as souvenir from the trip.

My experience was an unparalleled opportunity to strike out that one item, that I wanted so much, off my list. It was great that I had the chance to do it together with the people I love the most. It was an extraordinary period of my life where I was truly happy and fulfilled. Needless to say, I have Climb The Great Wall!

I hope you can scratch some items in your list too! Somehow, you can make your life more challenging and exciting. Just believe in yourself that someday, you can and you will.

xoxo, j

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