Sunday, July 24, 2011

Badaling Great Wall Experience: One Check Off My Bucket List

Dear Reader,

I know we all keep a list of things to do before we die. These things are our goals and ambitions that drive us to achieve that certain thing we want in life. These things may be anything from an object, a dream, a wish, a hope, an aim, or to any thingamajig. Some of us accomplished or attained a few already and some hasn't even started yet. But I have to ask, have you ever had that one check, even just one, off your bucket list?

I know I have, and just recently I might add.

It was last summer when my family and I went to China for quite a long vacation. We visited great cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. We toured the vast Tianenmen Square and Forbidden City in Beijing and explore the concrete jungle in Shanghai. And one of the major, major highlights of our trip was The Badaling Great Wall.

Going back, The Great Wall of China has never been off my bucket list ever since my youth or childhood. I have always dreamt of laying my eyes on such man-made wonder. I knew that I had to go see this marvel. As a graduation gift, I was given the liberty to choose where our next trip would be. Without a doubt, I had to pick China. Hence, when I found out that the trip would push through, I was ecstatic.

Here are some photos with captions that would put my experience in a nutshell.

Instead of hiking from the lower point, we took the cable car to and from the higher point of The Great Wall to save time and energy.

Tourists of different race and nationalities flock The Great Wall! We didn't expect too much sightseers. The crowd was overwhelming. We were literally rubbing elbows with them. Nevertheless, we do not want to blow a hole in such a happy moment. Plus, we didn't really have much of a choice.

A scenic view of The Great Wall taken from the highest point of the Badaling section. It was really amazing.

So this is me, having my photo-op against the wall.

And my dearest family.

I purchased this customized keychain saying "I have climbed The Great Wall" worth 15 Yuan as souvenir from the trip.

My experience was an unparalleled opportunity to strike out that one item, that I wanted so much, off my list. It was great that I had the chance to do it together with the people I love the most. It was an extraordinary period of my life where I was truly happy and fulfilled. Needless to say, I have Climb The Great Wall!

I hope you can scratch some items in your list too! Somehow, you can make your life more challenging and exciting. Just believe in yourself that someday, you can and you will.

xoxo, j

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Light Can Do To Your Photo

I have always been fond of capturing blurry light photos. I like the way it appears as cloudy and hazy, yet somehow focused. Every time I mess around with the settings of my camera and try to capture such image, my creativity transpires. Basically, my desired result is to churn out abstract photos that would drive one to create a thought or an idea out of it.

Throughout the period since I learned how to use the manual setting and capture such image, I have always admire the outcome. I find some of the photos very stimulating and motivating. I'd like to share some of the photos I took from our balcony around 8 o'clock in the evening (see photos below).

As you can see, light can be of many things to a photograph. It can sophisticate and refine a photo, as well as add glare and brilliance. It can also furnish, add finishing touches, and surprisingly even desolate a photo. With it in any circumstance, an abstract photo can turn from nothing into something. And this, I find very thought-provoking.

The colors are psychedelic along with translucent circles having different shades yellow and blue. One may think of this photo as a party scene.

I call this photo the "Enigmatic Blur". Go figure.

For the love of Barney Stinson

This is going to be legen - wait for it - dary!

I'm on the 4th season of How I Met Your Mother and I can't help but worship the awesome Barney Stinson. He is by far, the only character that blurts out the most hilarious one-liners at any time.

This remarkable character has wits, I must say. He has designed strategies and rules on how to hook up with women, get laid, and leave. Not only that, he also keeps a list of all the women he has slept with. He is a total asshole worthy of attention.

Kudos to Neil Patrick Harris for portraying the awesomest guy on television!

Suit Up!

Here are some of my favorite Barney Stinson lines:

From "Single Stamina" (Season 2)
Barney, describing his brother: "He's the awesomest, most best-lookingest, greatest guy ever!"
Lily: "He's exactly like Barney"
Barney: "That's what I just said."

From "The Chain of Screaming" (Season 3)
Barney, reacting to Ted's new car: "Shotgon for eternity!"
Robin: "You can't call shotgun for eternity."
Barney: "I call that I can call things."

From "Lucky Penny" (Season 2)
Describing the simplicity of running a marathon "Step one, you start running. There is no step two."

From "How I Met Everyone Else" (Season 3)
First explaining to Marshall about his unique qualities: "Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green I wear suits and I'm awesome. I'm your bro - I'm Broda!"

How could you not love him?

Barney Stinson is a fictional character created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for the CBS television series How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris.

My Being a Frustrated Photographer

Okay, I have to admit. Even though I have attended quite a number of workshops, am a member of our school's club for photography enthusiast, and has covered several events and photoshoots, that doesn't mean I'm on the professional level of being a photographer. Of course, not! I confess, one of the reasons why I got into photography is to get my hands on that fad DSLR. But after all those yak, gab, and jaw about photography, I realized there's more to it than that object craze.

It is not about a picture made using a camera, but rather something beyond that. In my understanding, it is about sharing one's life. It is about rendering imagination based on our tales. And in the way things stand, I have reached the point where I see my photographs as mere evidence and representations of my life's speculations. And for any photograph out there, and I mean any even the slightest bit of damage picture, could mean something.

Before Anything Else

Dear Reader,

You might be wondering why I named my blog "", well, there's a history to it.

I started my first blog about my travels late last year. Although I am not a seasoned traveller, I have been to quite a number of places already. Each of my trips were filled to the brim with quite interesting stories to tell. Surely, I had stuff to blog about but eventually, it became idle for a long period of time. I ran out of yarns and spiels and at some point, I ceased to continue blogging.

Soon after putting an end to blogging, my life began its new chapter. I graduated from college and then summer came. It was the time of the year where everyone would just bum around for two months. In my case, I was bumming for more than two teeny months. Yes, I have been applying for jobs but there ain't the right one for me.. yet! Over the long haul, I got tired enjoying myself (it's not what you think and I don't have to elaborate). It was only a matter of time when I thought of blogging once more.

I had nothing to blog about my travels therefore I decided to start afresh and came up with a new blog. I want to share some of my life's exciting and boring moments,  and random bits and pieces that I find interesting. I just want to blog about anything, and I mean anything, under the sun.

Hence, my new blog "".

I hope this is not too much for an introduction and I very much hope to find you visit my blog again.

xoxo, j