Saturday, August 27, 2011

Painting With My 3 Year Old Sister

One afternoon, we got bored and decided to paint. So we gathered not only our materials but all our creative powers and painted till sundown. Here are a few pictures of our so-called "masterpieces". Hope you like it!

The little girl getting messy already!

Do I have to name this painting? I can't think of any. So to justify, this is an "abstract" painting by me.

 The Eiffel Tower in yellow

Who do you think this is? Clue: The Fame Montster. Answer: Lady Gaga! What do you think of my version of Lady Gaga? hahaha!

This kind of rough drawing is what I usually doodle on my notebooks and books back when I was still studying. I turned it into a painting. Like it? :)

And the works of my 3 year old sister, Janica. I asked her to describe each painting so this is what she came up with:

 Las Terrazas (our village) with the pine trees daw...

This is her typical art. It always has flowers, grass, sun, and clouds.

And this is her version of a fish. I can't seem to figure out why. hahaha Nevertheless, it's cute! :)

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